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Xiaomi 70MAI UP04 Hardwire Kit 4G Power Supply Adapter


  • Continuous Power for Parking Surveillance
  • 4G Internet Connectivity (SIM card required)
  • Seamless Compatibility with 70mai Omni Cameras
  • Engine-Friendly Design
  • Wired Integration
  • USB Type-C Terminal
  • 3 Months Warranty


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Xiaomi 70MAI UP04 Hardwire Kit 4G Power Supply Adapter

Introducing the Xiaomi 70MAI UP04 Hardwire Kit 4G Power Supply Adapter, a powerful accessory designed to take your 70mai Dash Cam experience to the next level. This innovative hardwire kit empowers your dash cam with continuous 24/7 Parking Surveillance, internet access, and reliable power supply, ensuring you never miss a moment on the road.

Versatile Input Voltage

 Compatible with a broad range of input voltages, the UP04 supports DC 12-30V power sources, making it suitable for various vehicles.

Steady Power Output

 Delivering a constant 5V output with a current of 2.4A, the UP04 ensures a stable and efficient power supply to keep your 70mai Dash Cam operating seamlessly.

Extended Cable Length

 With a generous 3 meters of cable length, installation becomes flexible, allowing for neat and discreet routing within your vehicle.

Battery Protection

 The UP04 is equipped with low battery voltage protection, safeguarding your vehicle’s battery by preventing depletion beyond -11.4V for small vehicles and -22.8V for larger ones.

Continuous Power for Parking Surveillance

 Enjoy uninterrupted power to your 70mai Dash Cam, enabling continuous recording even when your vehicle is parked. Capture every crucial moment for enhanced security.

4G Internet Connectivity (SIM card required)

 Stay connected on the road with 4G support. Simply insert a compatible SIM card (not included) to enable internet access, allowing for real-time data and enhanced features.

Seamless Compatibility with 70mai Omni Cameras

 Tailor-made for 70mai Omni cameras, the UP04 seamlessly integrates with your dash cam, unlocking its full potential.

Engine-Friendly Design

 The UP04 monitors your car battery voltage, ensuring it remains at a level sufficient to start the engine. Your dash cam won’t compromise your vehicle’s starting capability.

Wired Integration

 The hardwire kit comes with ACC, VCC+, and GND- wires for seamless integration into your vehicle’s electrical system.

USB Type-C Terminal

 Connect effortlessly to your 70mai Dash Cam Omni through the USB Type-C terminal, providing a reliable and efficient power link.

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  • Input Voltage: DC 12-30V
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 2.4A
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Low Battery Voltage Protection: -11.4V (for small vehicles), -22.8V (for large vehicles)
  • Internet Access: 4G (SIM card required)
  • Compatibility: 70mai Omni Cameras
  • Wiring: ACC, VCC+, GND-
  • Connection: USB Type-C Terminal
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