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Baseus Airpow Lite 15W 10000mAh Power Bank


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With the Baseus Airpow Lite Power Bank, you’ll never be left powerless again. Frequent travelers, busy parents, students, and professionals will all appreciate the convenience of having backup power in their pocket. Stay connected no matter where life takes you!

  • Charge Fast Anywhere
  • 15W Fast Re-charging&amp
  • Ultra-thin and Portable
  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Share the Fun
  • Safe Travels
  • 6 Months Warranty


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Light Up Your Life with the Baseus Airpow Lite 15W 10000mAh Power Bank – Charge Fast and Charge Often!

Tired of being chained to an outlet all day? The Baseus Airpow Lite 15W 10000mAh Power Bank is your solution for staying charged on the go. This ultra-slim 10000mAh power bank easily slips into your pocket or bag, providing enough juice to fully charge your phone 2-3 times.

But what really sets the Airpow Lite apart is its blazing fast 15W output. Just 30 minutes of charge gives you up to 50% battery, so you can quickly top up your phone when you’re in a hurry. The advanced chipset ensures efficient power transfer and safe charging of your devices. Four LED indicators let you check remaining battery at a glance.

USB-C in & out

Unlike ordinary chargers in the market that only use USB C port as input, Powerful 15W USB C input/15W USB C output.

UL Certified Safety

Obtained UL certification to ensure your charging safety.

LED Light Display on Baseus Airpow Lite 15W 10000mAh Power Bank

This has an orange power button to check the remaining power.

Laser texture technology is more comfortable to hold.

What you get

Powerbank*1 ,

30cm/1ft USB A to USB C Cable*1.

If you have any product problems, please feel free to contact us.

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