Remax RL-LA07i Audio Converter


  • High quality internal copper wires
  • Four in one lightning adapter Safe and fast charging
  • High quality transducer
  • 3 Months Warranty


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Question about this product?

Flexible, compact design

Remax has specially equipped a quite compact and flexible structure for the?Remax RL-LA07i in?order to simplify the operation in order to avoid inconvenience and inconvenience for users.?Specifically, with the size of?120 x 21.8 x 7.2mm?, the?adapter will not take up an area when attached to a smartphone.?Meanwhile, the opening of the 2-port lightning?interface is also designed in parallel, so it will minimize the mess when users use 2 ports at the same time.

High quality materials, good finish

Remax RL-LA07i Lightning to double lightning adapter?is machined from?high quality?ABS + PC?material for high durability, extremely good anti-fouling.?Besides, the?convertible adapter?surface is?also polished finish for a more premium look.?The interface ports are completely processed, with high precision not only helping the transmission line more stable but also simplifying the plug and unplug operations of users.

Lightning to double lightning structure is convenient

Remax Adapter RL-LA07i?supports converting from?lightning?interface?to 2 lightning ports,?extremely convenient.?This design helps users both charge and listen to music via the lightning interface on iPhone devices.?In particular, the current and signal converted through the Adapter are also extremely stable, with no latency equivalent to when plugging the interface directly.

Four in one lightning adapter Safe and fast charging.

Continuous charging charging and listening to songs can be performed at the same time.

Adapter 1 port Lightning to 2 port Lightning / Lightning Converter and signal from Lightning Port 1 port to Lightning 2 Port Easy to use,? Compact size Support phone charging And listen to music at the same time Used with Lightning headphones Chat support. A call? Supports a maximum charging current of 2.0A. High quality transducer, high quality internal copper wires.

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